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To complete a mission, you need determination.
To complete a mission successfully, you need to stay sharp.

Without fitness, you won't do either.

One-Sided Push-Ups

Fitness - One-Sided Push-Ups
This exercise allows Ash to focus entirely on one side of his body, feeling the burn on one side while training your mind to stay focused with the off-balance of the other side.

Narrow Push-Ups

Fitness - Narrow Push-Ups
Keeping the hands between the ends of each shoulder allows Ash to put intense pressure on both his lower and upper arm muscles. Good arm strength can be the difference between life and death.

Cross Push-Ups

Fitness - Cross Push-Ups
By forcing his upper body into the air with such force, gives Ash time to swing-cross his arms in a motion which tests his endurance and ability to remain focused, as his upper body drops back down, Ash needs to be ready to catch himself.

Forearm Push-Ups

Fitness - Forearm Push-Ups
In order to successfully pull off this exercise, Ash needs to focus on balance across all 4 corners of his body. This intense exercise allows Ash to build on his delicate foot-balance, while building his pressure threshold on the lower arm muscles.

Hand-Kick Push-Ups

Fitness - Hand-Kick Push-Ups
This one is as difficult as it looks! Ash needs to concentrate on balancing his whole body weight on one side, while flinging the other side of his body live a vice. The rebound needs to happen smoothly and quickly, to ensure an elite-finish.

Air Push-Ups

Fitness - Air Push-Ups
This exercise demonstrates total upper and lower body strength, in effect giving Ash wings. He propels his body into the atmosphere with huge force, allowing his body to elevate. The landing needs to be finely timed, in order to distribute the pressure evenly.

Overhand Pull-Ups

Fitness - Overhand Pull-Ups
Showcasing the ability Ash has for lifting his own body weight, in this exercise Ash appears to step across 4 multi-angled and multi-level invisible steps, while lowering his head below the grab-bar, then lifting his body up so that his chin rises above the bar.

Punch Bag

Fitness - Punch Bag
A classic exercise which stimulates the mind, allows for developing quick reactions and provides the whole body with a high dose of oxygen.


Fitness - Sit-Ups
Curls help Ash build up his abdominal muscles, which aren't just there to look great; they provide Ash with the defence and agility to be able to survive and cross the most difficult terrain. Ash usually does between 200-300 sit-ups per session.

Ultra-Fast Skipping

Fitness - Ultra-Fast Skipping
This is one to really get the heart muscle going! Building endurance is very important to Ash, and skipping as fast as he can allows him to fine-tune his ability of quick reactions, and tuned-timing.

Tractor Tyre Hammer

Fitness - Tractor Tyre Hammer
The finest in target practice, while building on the ability for Ash to attack and control heavy items. This exercise has helped Ash carve his way through dense jungles, and really boost his agility.

Tractor Tyre Flip

Fitness - Tractor Tyre Flip
They say determination is strength, and this exercise certainly needs determination. The first 2 or 3 flips may appear easy, but after 10 to 20 flips, the body starts to exhaust. This exercise allows Ash to push his body to the limits, which has no doubted been the secret success to all his missions.

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