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Ash Dykes requested for TEDx Talk in China

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Ash has flown back to China, only two weeks after his three-week speaking tour across Asia for the International Dulwich Colleges.
This time it’s to present at the prestigious TEDx Talk in Hangzhou, Zhejiang province.

Progress, Dreams & The #MissionYangtze Rollercoaster

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What a rollercoaster of complete and utter awesomeness it’s been, since completing Mission Yangtze!
I’ve not really had much time to sit back and reflect, but I’m cool with that, as I’d much prefer to keep busy and continue the ball rolling with many events, activities and plans.

Ash Dykes visited Dehong Beijing School

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These crazy records all belong to British extreme explorer Ash Dykes. He used to be an ordinary boy and now the first person to cross Mongolia and climb the eight peaks of Madagascar in a world first.


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Today marks the day dual world-first record holder, adventurer and extreme explorer Ash Dykes crosses the finish line on his latest, 350-day 4,000-mile outing where he's taken over 8 million steps to walk into achieving his third world-first record.

Yangtze Completion Announcement

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It is anticipated, that if all continues to go well, Ash will cross the finish line, where the Yangtze River meets the East China Sea, near Shanghai, on August 8th 2019.

Under 10% left of Mission Yangtze!!

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It feels surreal to be this close to finishing.

There has been so much energy, effort, time, blood, sweat and fear put not only into the one year of undergoing the expedition but also two years beforehand, for the planning, training and logistics.

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