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Ash Dykes in China ahead of groundbreaking world first

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Ash Dykes has flown out to China in order to lay down the final foundations to what will become his biggest and most daring adventure to date. Ash will be travelling China for the next 3 weeks; conducting a range of meetings, logistical preparations, technical preparations, learning Mandarin and also training hard ahead of what will be the world most engaging world first expedition.

Learning Mandarin

Ash is currently being supported by a local grammar school in China, where he is getting an intensive Mandarin course ahead of heading to the source of the Yangtze to mark the start of his third world first expedition in the coming months. Ash already has a currently limited set of Mandarin skills, and being on this intensive course will hugely help Ash adapt and communicate with the locals he will meet on his 6,300km endurance.

Expedition Planning

Meeting with Kailas

With many meetings booked with the likes of Sam from Kailas (the second largest outdoor company in China with over 300 stores and 1000+ retailers), British Consulate General, Visit Wales & Visit Britain Ash is laying the foundations for bringing huge awareness to his home country, Wales and the United Kingdom; while also sharing the diverse delights of China - connecting two very influential economies and digital audiences.

Technical Testing

In order to make this the world's most interactive and engaging world first expeditions to date, Ash is currently testing the satellite communications provided by Navarino and supported by Galaxy1. These incredibly intelligent and technically advanced teams will join Ash' expedition and provide Ash with the means of beaming his live streams and current positions to his website and social media profiles; keeping everyone up to date at every hair-raising encounter, twist, turn and climb. During these 3 weeks, Ash is in constant talks with satellite communication specialists, and his web designer J-D Design to ensure full, consistent and uninterrupted streams and communication remains possible.

Logistics & Filming

The plan while Ash is in China for this 3 week final prep trip is to visit 3 primary locations; Guangzhou, Shanghai and Beijing. Along with Ash' meetings with Kailas and tourism agencies, he will also be liaising with his Chinese book publishing agency to talk about the launch of his hot-off-the-press translated book "Mission Possible" next month.
Ash will also be meeting with Oliver and Mr Miao again too, who work with Water-To-Go in China, a valuable piece of kit which has been carried on all of Ash' recent expeditions and will be his life-saver while traversing the length of the Yangtze river across 2018/19.

Book Meeting

When Ash hits Beijing, he’ll be meeting with Mandarin Film. They have been invaluable and played a huge part in getting the Yangtze expedition off the ground.
These invaluable team members have helped Ash secure meetings with CAA, Guinness world Records, CCTV4, helped secure the visa and secured Ash the Grammar school sponsor, to be able to understand/speak the basics, which will help him on his expedition.

Meetings, Meetings, Meetings

Ash is incredibly fortunate to have a solid team of international and diverse people & companies backing Mission Yangtze.

Water To Go Meeting

Ash will continue to meet with, and plan the intimate and trickiest elements of the mission to ensure its physical, public and commercial success. This will be Ash' biggest, toughest and most dangerous mission attempt to date and the eyes of the world will be watching closely as Ash demonstrates his physical and mental strengths while he's at his most tested.

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As this article is published, Ash is travelling at 305km/ph, a few hundred km south of Beijing. He is whizzing by thousands and thousands of tree plantations; an incredible & beautiful sight. They’ll soon be fully grown and will have developed into a mighty forest. In a world with negativity, you rarely hear of the positive actions being taken, it was only last week that thousands of soldiers were ordered to cover a certain area of China to plant trees. This means that in only five years' time, China will have grown its forests by 19% - just incredible!

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