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ANNOUNCEMENT: Walking The Yangzte

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Hey everyone! I'm incredibly happy and excited to announce my next world first expedition: Walking the Yangtze River in China.

After my existing 2x World First expeditions, I came back with so many new lessons and experiences - and that just made me even more determined to do something even bigger. This will be my third World First expedition, and by far the most difficult, challenging and rewarding expeditions I had ever attempted.

Today myself, my team, commercial partners and some of my fantastic followers met in Canary Wharf, London for me to announce my expedition to the world. It has been an incredible day meeting and talking with everyone, demonstrating some of the incredible science and technology that won't make the mission ANY less challenging, it will however make it so much more engaging. My main objective is to share my experiences with you first hand; and with the power this incredible new technology will give me is to share all the action and adventure with you guys at home.

Want to know more about the technology, science, preparation, planning and training I'll be doing ahead of my biggest ever mission? Follow me on your favourite social media platforms by clicking the links below, and click here to subscribe to my mail list.

Myself and my team will be posting lots of upcoming developments and insights into some of the amazing things that are happing over the coming days and weeks, so please stay tuned!

Thank you everyone,

 - Ash

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