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It’s great to have you on board following the journey of my upcoming world-first expedition, walking 4,000 miles down the length of China’s Yangtze river. It’s going to be an epic adventure!

I’m heading over to China next month and I’ll be sharing updates with you throughout my time there, via Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and Exclusive updates via my newsletter.

My expedition will be one of the world's most interactive to date, thanks to the amazing satellite equipment I’ll be using from my sponsor Navarino.

So you can expect vlogs, blogs and even live-streams during the year-long mission. So please do follow all channels (Insta maybe being the most updated with live stories) and share with your friends, family or anyone else you feel would enjoy following.

Walking the Yangtze will be my third world first!
I experienced a taste of China on my very first overseas trip when I was 19. I always told myself I’d return one day to take on the heart of the country, learn from the locals, explore the interior and share its stories with the rest of the world. It’s the stories about the country and its people that fascinate me.

After achieving world-firsts on both of my two previous expeditions, in Mongolia and Madagascar, the pull of the Yangtze as one of the last remaining world firsts is the perfect reason to return to China in 2018.

On this incredible journey I’m expecting to walk over 8 million steps while I contend with bears, snakes and other wildlife. I'll traverse fertile wetlands, steep mountains, deep valleys and historic cities before reaching the point at which the river flows into the East China Sea.

It will also be one of the world's most interactive expeditions to date, and will allow me to share my experiences of China’s biodiversity and the locals, in a way that people outside the country rarely get to see. Check out my route and planned timings...


Positive thoughts create positive outcomes

Focus and mental fitness is just as important as physical fitness in getting me through my expeditions. I hope my positive affirmations help you when the going gets tough!

Thanks for your support! I’m glad to have you by my side and can’t wait to share my journey with you.

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