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Ash discusses the effect his training and fitness regime has on his missions

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You know, as strange as it sounds, training is something I miss most.

I’m currently leaving Dali as I write this and I feel so refreshed due to dedicating that weeks visa run to refuelling my body with all the good stuff and working on body mobility, agility and flexibility. Especially after being stuck in such a fixed position for a long time (trekking with a weighted rucksack constantly strapped to my back).
I’ve always taken my training serious and actually realised my passion for fitness long before exploration.
It helps that I enjoy it, but whilst training, what keeps me motivated is trying to picture the toughest scenarios I’ll face when out in the wild and often - the toughest has come true, where I’ve relied on my training to survive.

Whether that’s grasping my photographer's hand in Madagascar during a nighttime river crossing in the cyclone season, as she hangs in the balance of being washed away;

Getting back up from underneath my desert cart and taking one agonising step after the other, whilst suffering immensely with dehydration;

Or crossing the most terrifying landslides (balance and agility), hacking through the densest and most demanding jungles (muscular endurance) or fighting and hanging on in there during a bout with malaria, for just long enough to make it to medical services.

Mindset is a whole different ball game that I won’t go into on this post - this does play the bigger part. But never be mistaken - with how important training and fitness is, most who have joined me on my missions have learnt that the hard way.
I say this as motivation; your body is a tool and you can teach it unthinkable things, I don’t come with a military mind, I come self-taught, I’ve learnt from people I’ve met and I’ve learnt through making mistakes, falling and standing back up again with no brotherhood support, just my very own mind and body.

This - YOU can do too, whatever your vision, understand that you can be stripped of everything, stand completely naked and still have everything you need to make it happen.

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