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Ash Update: Arriving in Yibin!

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A few weeks ago, I arrived in Yibin, which is officially recognised as the first city on the Yangtze River.

When originally mapping the route and planning the mission, Yibin seemed such a huge distance away, that I remember not really planning Panzhihua to Yibin in much detail, believing it wouldn't be too difficult. I was wrong and although nowhere near as tough as the first couple of months, it still had its challenges and this section took me an extra two weeks longer than anticipated.
What held me back the most, is when the Yangtze took a bend to its most Southern point, then whipped back up with a 90-degree turn, in between V-shaped valleys and peaks of about 3,000m to 4,000m altitude. There were no real tracks to follow and on one occasion, I wasn’t able to follow the river and had to take a four-day detour to the route.
There was also a section where I was so isolated, that the locals in this region potentially may have never seen a westerner before, this thought never came to mind, until I had two old ladies scared for their lives and threatening to throw rocks at me (with rocks in their hands), due to me approaching them in order to ask for directions!!

However, I pushed on and there I was, finally in Yibin.
The time I spent in Yibin has been great, I met up with Kyle, a good friend of mine who also trekked four days with me to film a section of the mission. 
I took a swim across the Yangtze and can confirm it is still ball numbingly freezing and the current is ridiculously strong.
I also spent the day with the FDY (fishery protection) who are ambassadors and volunteers for the same organisation as myself and the ones who gained me access to the source of the Yangtze (CBCGDF) AKA Green Development Foundation.
This day was a huge honour and we were able to release ten of some of the rarest fish (Sturgeon) into the Yangtze.
They’re important to the eco-system of the mighty river and have been here since the dinosaur age, but unfortunately face the possible threat of extinction, however - we’re all hopeful it’ll make a comeback.
I’m inspired by their work and the great effort to protect and preserve the natural environment and it is an honour to be ambassador and volunteer alongside these great individuals and organisations.
Mission Yangtze isn’t only a human feat and world first, it is a mission to showcase the true beauty & wonders of China, but to also highlight the environment and positive work being done to protect it.

Check out the "Arriving in Yibin" picture album here.
Travel, explore and have fun in this world we live on, but protect it, look after it and encourage the younger generation to do the same.
One love, one world.


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