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#MissionYangtze: Progress Report From Ash

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An update directly from the side of the Yangtze River, in China:

I am now 88% through Mission Yangtze!
I only have around 520 miles remaining of the 4,000-mile trek.
This section will see me facing different challenges due to being further East. 
The heat and humidity being the major daily obstacles, not to mention the heavy traffic that runs alongside the Yangtze River.
I can’t deny the increasing excitement of nearing the finish at this stage but know I have the tedious drudgery of walking 40-50km daily ahead of me, despite the awe-inspiring beauty I’ll continue to witness. 
The combination of these exhausting factors will involve me digging deep to complete this year-long feat!
I’m aware of this section potentially being the greatest mental battle, as it was with Mongolia and Madagascar. There is no place for complacency at this pinnacle stage of the expedition and I know I’ve mastered this side of the game many times before.

Ash' view from the side of the Yangtze River

Step by step, mile by mile - what an unbelievable mission this has been so far, it almost feels like it’s been many adventures in one, I can’t believe the amount I’ve had to contend with, in terms of obstacles, weather, terrains and wildlife.
It’s been far beyond epic and I feel China has truly taken me under its wing, with the people I’ve met along the way, making the journey extra special.
It’s not over until it’s over though, bring on the final stretch.
Let’s make this happen!!!
When do you think I’ll cross the finish line!?

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