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Progress, Dreams & The #MissionYangtze Rollercoaster

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Written by Ash Dykes

What a rollercoaster of complete and utter awesomeness it’s been, since completing Mission Yangtze!
I’ve not really had much time to sit back and reflect, but I’m cool with that, as I’d much prefer to keep busy and continue the ball rolling with many events, activities and plans.
As soon as I returned back to the UK on 16th August, it was straight to London for prime time TV interviews on the likes of the One Show, Good Morning Britain, Sky Sunrise and many more.

I had various meeting with book publishers, to discuss the second book and brand agencies/representatives. My dad and I, have brought it so far, with fantastic teams we have in the UK and China (in my next blog I’ll discuss more of this), but now it’s time we expand and take it further.
Normally, when I return back home after a long haul mission, I go straight back into the training, but this time I decided to take a couple of weeks out to allow my body time to recover. Although I was pretty much forced to, due to how busy things were.
I was then flown straight back out to Asia, by Dulwich College International, who booked me for a three week speaking tour, visiting all of their international colleges, in South Korea, cities across China, Myanmar and Singapore.

This was a great experience and it felt surreal having only just finished Mission Yangtze, to already be sharing stories. I’ve always praised myself on being able to adapt, so this was a great test and I loved every minute of it.
This tour consisted of motivational talks and workshops, with plenty of videos and photos in between, to get the crowd really riled up, engaged and excited.
It was all-inclusive and I provided talks to parents and teachers too. Overall I left on a huge high with immensely overwhelming feedback from all countries ❣ 
I’m back in the UK for only one more week with various talks and meetings, before flying back to China shortly for a TEDx Talk in Hangzhou, followed by events in Shanghai, Beijing and business meetings.
I always thought my ideas were too big and worried that goals I set myself were over-ambitious, not just in the adventure world, but in life, period.
However, today I sit back, reflect as I write this and realise just how far things have come and so fast too. 
It was always just a dream that business would take me global, yet here I am - loving that dream.
Your dreams are never too big, nor your ideas too ambitious, it takes time and an awful lot of hard work, but if you protect and nurture your dream, there is only one result.
Who agrees?  - Ash.

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