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Ash Dykes visited Dehong Beijing School

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These crazy records all belong to British extreme explorer Ash Dykes. He used to be an ordinary boy and now the first person to cross Mongolia and climb the eight peaks of Madagascar in his third World Record.
Today Dehong ushered in a special guest - Ash Dykes. He has set a number of world records and this year was invited to be the first guest of the Shackleton series speech at Dehong Beijing School.

Shackleton speech originated from the outstanding alumnus Ernest Henry Shackleton, he was known as one of the great explorers of the 20th century. This series of lectures shows the legendary stories of great explorers and demonstrates the extraordinary perseverance and strong courage of human beings. The series of lectures has entered its fifth year, and adventurers have come to Dulwich International School and sister school Dehong to carry out a variety of lectures and workshops.
The experience of Ash Dykes fits perfectly with the theme of the speech. Dehong hopes that students will learn from his courage and determination of challenging impossible.
Ash shared his wonderful journey of ten years with students: took a close-up selfie with lightning, looked for animals of animated Madagascar in real life, walked in the quagmire, ate bugs in the stream, learned Chinese Kung Fu and Korean dance...... 

Of course, he faced death countless times, bitten by poisonous spiders, almost killed by malaria, and was knocked down by a truck... However, he has never stopped chasing his dream, and his explorer's spirit shines all of the time.
Looking at those amazing videos and photos, students sighed, "Wow, wow, wow!". After each video, everyone still excitedly shouted, "One more time!" In the interactive questioning session, students rushed to raise their hands, “Have you ever met a lion?"What did you eat in the jungle”. One student asked, “What is your favourite journey?” Ash replied, “Every trip is so special and unique, but the hiking of the Yangtze River in China is the most memorable!”Ash was extraordinarily surprised by students of such a small age were able to communicate with him so fluently.
In order to survive better in the extreme environment, Ash maintains regular and restrained work in daily life. Morning running, fighting, fitness, unimpeded exercise gives him a strong body and amazing will.

“I am an ordinary boy from the Welsh town of the United Kingdom. I have no money, no special training, no professional guidance, but my experience proves that brave can overcome impossible.”
Later, the third-grade students followed Ash to the forest for an unforgettable exploration. Where everyone observed the characteristics of various animals and plants, Ash told them knowledge of tree texture. Students deeply remembered the teacher's saying, "Don't hurt any creatures", so they just watched but not destroyed. There were even classmates who spontaneously picked up the rubbish around them. In nature, students grow up healthily and actively.

Under the test of physiology and psychology, Ash strived to tap the diversity of living things around the world and was keen to participate in the life of local people, growing vegetables and raising poultry. He is particularly concerned about environmental problems. “Protecting the environment is something I have been insisting on. While we enjoy the planet of living, we should do our best to protect it at the same time.”
Ash told parents the behind stories of adventure - the harsh environmental problems found in the journey, the personal efforts that can be made about environmental protection. At last, he clarified the meaning of sticking to walking.
When the speech was over, students felt the bravery of the ultimate adventure and had an increased awareness of environmentally friendly, and parents have a deeper understanding of the importance to cultivate a child's character.
In the future, Ash will be performing more series of wonderful speeches - so please subscribe to the tribe to keep updated. 

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