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Wuhan Welcomes Ash

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After an exciting chapter, where Ash pushed on from Chongqing, through to Wanzhou, Fengjie, Yichang, Yueyang, he now reaches Wuhan (one of China’s megacities, known as one of the furnace cities, as temperatures can reach 40DC, plus humidity on top).
Here, Ash was joined by Mandarin Film, the production team creating the international documentary and web episodes (with Bowmanbridge).
They gathered amazing stories and content for the documentary, as you can see in some of these photo teasers.

Some of the activities Ash got up to

  • A 1920s themed cruise ship, that sails from Shanghai to Wuhan, carrying 1920’s dressed characters, re-enacting that era with wonderful dancing and interesting stories of the time. 

  • Immersing myself with Chinas famous square dancing. Where tai chi body movement is practised by so many because of the wonderful health benefits to mind, body and spirit. At times instruments such as swords are incorporated in this dance, fascinating to watch and take part in.

  • Ash observed the fun pass time of locals swimming across the Yangtze, where so many people gain great health benefits from this activity. Although due to the Yangtze's strong current many can get swept downstream, and a vigilant eye is required at all times. Ash couldn’t resist joining in with some of the locals here, which was a much more pleasant experience than Yibin (the upper reaches of the Yangtze), during winter time!

  • Ash is totally at home in the water and has taken part in many water sports and activities.  In Thailand, he was a scuba diving instructor for two years and gained vast experience there too. So he went to visit the local scuba dive and freediving centre (Manta) learning their way of training in the Yangtze. 

Whilst filming these events, which involved very long days, Ash also managed to attend a book signing event with Kailas (his kit sponsor) and Shanghai Book Publishing (his China-based book publisher), which was a big success and overwhelming for him to see such support.  This was held in one of the biggest plazas in the city, displaying house size banners of Ash and his expedition.
Ash is motivated and excited at the waves he’s creating so far in China.
Next blog coming soon: Ash learns Kung-Fu in the Wudang mountains and leads a group trek up a local mountain to teach people how to belay off, helping to unlock their personal potential.

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