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Yangtze Completion Announcement

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It is anticipated, that if all continues to go well, Ash will cross the finish line, where the Yangtze River meets the East China Sea, near Shanghai, on August 8th 2019.
If successful, Ash will go down in the history books as the first recorded person ever to have walked the entire length of the Yangtze River, from source to sea.
The Yangtze is the longest river to run through a single nation and third-longest in the world at almost 4,000 miles. 
Its source is one of the highest of any major river, at over 5,100 meters.
Ash set off from the Yangtze source on August 26th 2018 and it’s anticipated to take one year to complete - he is currently three weeks ahead of schedule!!!!!

Here are some of the work he has been doing along the way and some of the challenges he’s faced so far:


  • He partnered with the China Biodiversity Conservation and Green Development Foundation (CBCGDF), who help to protect the water sources of China.
  • Showcased the work of WWF and its work along the Yangtze River
  • Yibin Fishery Department, who help protect the species living in the Yangtze, like the finless porpoise dolphin, Yangtze sturgeon and Chinese sturgeon.
  • Water-To-Go used bottles on all expeditions, to have access to fresh drinking water, with the 3 in 1 built-in water filtration system and to reduce my use of plastic, whilst educating and encouraging others to do the same.



  • 10 of 16 people who have joined Ash at different locations have left the mission due to altitude sickness/fear of wildlife or injury.
  • Source of the Yangtze being so isolated
  • High Altitude 
  • Freezing temperatures (-20DC)
  • Bears: lots of warnings from locals and Ash was shown photos and videos of horrific attacks. There were delays with the mission start date and Ash was now facing one of the worst times to be in the mountains. The bears were coming down from the mountains because it was too cold for them and they were searching for food before they go into hibernation.
  • Wolves: followed Ash for two days right after killing a local lady.
  • Wild yak: Ash had to set off Chinese firecrackers to keep them away
  • Landslides which sent one of his photographers back to the UK
  • Floods, which would often have him detouring back in and around the mountains
  • Police, who often took Ash in to be questioned 
  • River crossings
  • The hot season, facing 40DC

Some of Ash’ friends and family will be flying out over the next coming weeks to join him for the finishing celebrations and you are more than welcome to join also.
Let’s show him some social media support for the last few hundred miles.

Tag him in any posts on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter and hashtag #missionyangtze and #AshDykes

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