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Breaking news: Ash has reached the source of the Yangtze

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#TeamAsh is delighted to announce that Ash has now made it to the source of the Yangtze on his second attempt!

After having arrived safely at the source with the help of driver Carl, Ash will be accompanied by his horse, Caster Troy (not pictured), and two new guides E Der and Bima. Having two guides with him this time will improve safety in the extreme and remote conditions he’s facing as #MissionYangtze now formally gets underway.

Check out Ash's previous blog post, explaining what happened when he had to turn back on his first attempt to reach the source, which will comprehensively remove any illusions of the sheer size of the challenge he faces during the expedition.

But having had a brief taste of what to expect has meant Ash is now starting in a stronger position, returning with a strong new field team and extra equipment to give him a better chance of success - including a new Kailas sleeping bag that will keep him warm in temperatures expected to go as low as -23 degrees.

There are several known sources of the Yangtze river but Ash was determined to begin his journey from the true, scientific and longest source of the river, mapped by the China Exploration and Research Society, and it’s from this point that he has started the expedition today.

Getting to the source of the Yangtze has been a huge challenge in itself. It’s taken over eight months to coordinate access to this precious conservation area, with consent rarely granted at all, and especially to people from outside China.

Ash’s access was granted with the help of the China Biodiversity Conservation and Green Development Foundation (CBCGDF), for whom he has been appointed Ambassador.

The CBCGDF promote and spread awareness of biodiversity throughout China. In the Tibetan Plateau area of Sanjiangyuan (which literally means ‘Source of Three Rivers’), they work closely with the Sanjiangyuan National Nature Reserve (also called the Three Rivers Nature Reserve) to set and achieve ecological goals for the protection of wetland and waters, grassland, forest and wildlife enhancement - causes that Ash fully supports.

Having made it to the source, Ash is super-excited to begin his 4,000 mile expedition.

In this first chapter, he and his new team expect to cover the 200 miles to the mountain village of Qumarleb over the next 2-3 weeks.

This section of the expedition is some of the toughest, most dangerous terrain he will experience. Chance encounters with bears and wolves are to be expected, as is wild unpredictable weather.

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Ash will be using his satellite technology to post regular updates to social media and, following the success of last Sunday’s YouTube live, he will go live again on YouTube as often as he can throughout the expedition.  

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And in the meantime, check out the news coverage about Ash's expedition on Channel 5 News, broadcast on Friday night.




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