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First Look at Ash’s Kit for Mission Yangtze

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Introducing the Kalias range Ash will be wearing on the Yangtze expedition

At the beginning of last month we were delighted to announce that Ash has partnered with outdoor clothing and equipment company
Kailas - the biggest brand of its type in China and a hugely popular and trusted outdoor brand throughout all of Asia.

Now we’re excited to share a first look at what Ash will be wearing on the expedition.  

Ash has selected gear from Kailas’s latest collection and it includes clothing and kit for all the predicted and unpredicted scenarios he will face during his journey - from durable, comfortable clothing for the cold temperatures of the Tibetan Plateau at the start of his trek, to essential equipment such as the sleeping bag where he will get his much needed rest...and even the bag he’ll carry to transport his gear.

The rucksack Ash will be carrying on his Yangtze expedition

All the items features his AD logo, and are a pre-cursor to Ash’s own co-designed and co-branded
AD by Kailas range that will be released next season.


His expedition gear has been developed so he is prepared to face all of the extreme elements that will cross his path during Mission Yangtze, and ensure he is going to look extremely stylish as he does it.

Ash proudly wearing a hoodie from the Kailas range

The fabrics Kailas uses for his clothing include those from Gore-Tex and Polartec and feature dual technology, meaning they are both waterproof and breathable.  The stylish, scientifically-developed sweatshirts and jackets are designed to keep Ash warm in freezing temperatures or cool in extreme heat.


Their functionality includes easy-to-access zip pockets that will allow Ash to keep essential tools close to hand at all times and are designed to be layered to resist the cold temperatures he will face.  These technical features will flow through to Ash’s own AD by Kailas range as it is developed.

Ready to face the extremities

On his 4,000 mile journey alongside the Yangtze River one of the most important pieces of equipment Ash will be relying on is his footwear. His shoes use Gore-Tex technology to ensure that Ash’s feet will remain dry, and Kalias’s anti-impact technology will give his feet maximum protection throughout all 8 million steps of his journey.

Ash's Kailas footwear

Like all of Kalias’s outdoor clothing and equipment, the
 range has been tested in the toughest, harshest environments around the world.  Kailas are constantly pushing boundaries and currently hold records, for some of the lightest equipment yet toughest material of any outdoor brand.
 Like Ash, they continue to set new records, and Ash is super-excited to put his Kailas gear to the ultimate test again as he tackles Mission Yangtze.

Ash's Kailas gear ready to be packed

Before Ash sets off to find the source of the Yangtze, he is working with the Kailas team to design his own fully-customised, co-branded AD by Kailas clothing range, which will be released next season.  It will be available in over 1,000 retail outlets across China (including 300 Kalias stores), and will range from top quality casual wear (such as polo shirts) to reliable headwear that includes caps to keep the sun off his head and built-in hoods to keep the rain at bay.  

We hope to bring it to the UK too!  Watch this space for more news in the coming months.



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