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Malaria No More: Malaria Must Die!

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Malaria No More UK have recently launched their new campaign “Malaria must die, so that Millions can live”.
Fronted by David Beckham, who has supported the charity since it launched in 2009, Beckham says “We can be the generation that ends it for good”.

In 2016, there were 216 million cases of malaria worldwide and 445,000 deaths from the disease, according to World Health Organization (WHO) figures.
A recent WHO report found that progress in malaria control has 'stalled', which is partly due to insufficient funding, leaving many vulnerable people without protection.
Commonwealth leaders will gather in London this April (at the Commonwealth Heads of Government Meeting) and unite to stop this disease in its tracks.

Ash's Deadly Experience with Malaria

During his 2016 world first expedition across Madagascar, Ash dreadfully contracted Malaria, one month into his five month trek. With only days to spare before he could have potentially lost his life, Ash made it to a near city to be treated by a doctor. Ash was one of the very few fortunate enough to make it to treatment in time, in order to have the disease completely eradicated out of his system; enabling him to push on for a further four months and complete the expedition successfully.

As Ash continued on his 155 day adventure, he started to notice the real impact of malaria and just how many people were affected by the disease. It became later known to Ash that his logistics manager, guide and his guide's son had the lower strain of malaria - which remains dormant in their system for life.

Supporting the Cause

After returning home, Ash saw the incredible work that Malaria No More UK were doing to combat the oldest known disease and the massive progression they’ve made in such a small amount of time. Global infant deaths have more than halved since the year 2000, assisted by the actions and support of this incredible organisation!

Ash has since become a special ambassador to Malaria No More UK, and last year spoke alongside Annie Lennox OBE (formally with Eurythmics) in Parliament and called on the UK Government to increase their funding to the Global Fund and continue UK leadership in the fight against malaria. A couple of months later the UK Government announced £1.1 billion for the Global Fund between 2017 and 2019, a 20% increase in funding. This money will save a further 8 million lives from malaria, HIV and TB by 2020.

Ash says: "To go from such a dark and negative time and to be able to turn this into a positive and try to help as much as I can means more than I can describe.
I stand by David Beckham and Sir Andy Murray in their continued support of Malaria No More UK as they pursue their mission to end Malaria for good!
Let’s make this a Mission Possible!"

You can read more about Ash's experience contracting Malaria, and all of his World First record-setting achievements in his exclusive tell-all book, Mission Possible.

Please share this article to help spread the awareness and also feel free to leave any comments of support below.

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