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Ash Dykes on Setting Fitness Goals

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It’s no secret that exercise is good for you, but have you ever taken time to think about how it could impact your daily life?

Before embarking on his epic world-first adventures, Ash undertakes an intense fitness regime that gets him in top physical shape, so that he’s prepared to take on the many challenges these new environments throw at him. From body weight training, callisthenics, Muay Thai and tyre flipping, to altitude masks and weighted hill sprints, Ash gets involved.

But the best thing about these workouts is that, aside from prepping him for encounters with all kinds of dangers whilst traversing remote corners of the planet, he’s fitter, more agile and more able to get on with the demands of every day life. And the discipline and resilience it takes to train so hard has lots of benefits, too.

When it comes to working out, it’s all about attitude. Ash always says that a fitness-related goal (as opposed to an image-oriented one) makes him far more determined and committed to his workouts. This means he works harder and has a greater chance of smashing the challenges he sets himself. If you want to be able to run a certain distance or lift a certain weight, you can set yourself a programme and build yourself up slowly, feeling those health benefits coming through along the way.

If, however, you just want abs, the actual parameters of what it’s going to take to get them will change from person to person, and it could take a while. You might start to lose inspiration, and maybe even give up after a few weeks if you’re not seeing progress. This is why small, realistic, fitness-orientated goals are a great way to work out and keep yourself motivated, because the progress is more noticeable and easier to measure. And if you’re trying hard enough, the abs should naturally follow!!

And the best part is that if you’re training regularly and are improving your fitness levels, this has a huge knock-on effect in your everyday life. You’ll feel more agile, stronger, faster, healthier and just generally more capable of taking on the demands of the everyday. Not to mention the wide-ranging mental health benefits associated with regular exercise, with all those endorphins boosting your mood and energy levels.

So set yourself some fitness goals right away, forget about the image side of things for a second, and get to work. If you can get your head in the fitness game - and really commit to your regime because you want to be fitter, stronger and healthier - tone and muscle will follow. Fitness first, six-pack second! cool

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