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Ash discusses the effect his training and fitness regime has on his missions

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You know, as strange as it sounds, training is something I miss most.
I’m currently leaving Dali as I write this and I feel so refreshed due to dedicating that weeks visa run to refuelling my body with all the good stuff and working on body mobility, agility and flexibility. Especially after being stuck in such a fixed position for a long time (trekking with a weighted rucksack constantly strapped to my back).
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A rare glimpse: Ash shares his end-of-year diary

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Ash shares a rare and deeply honest glimpse into the behind-the-scenes work that goes into Mission Yangtze as he reflects on 2018 and being away from home for Christmas. In the spirit of a true world-first adventurer and pioneer, he also has his sights and his determination firmly set on what lies ahead in 2019: the successful completion of his expedition!

Ash shares surprising environmental observations at the second major milestone on Mission Yangtze

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Ash is excited to report that he arrived at his second major milestone during Mission Yangtze over the weekend, as he attempts to create history with a third world-first record, this time walking the entire 4,000 mile length of the Yangtze river in China.

Ash has reached the first major bend in the river, its southernmost point, where it takes a sharp 90 degree turn and flows to the northeast in the province of Yunnan, the third province Ash has entered, having previously trekked through Qinghai and Sichuan, and has noticed some environmental surprises as he makes his way along the river.

Breaking news: Ash has reached the source of the Yangtze

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Ash has now officially made it to the source of the Yangtze river on his second attempt and is beginning his world-first, 4,000 mile #MissionYangtze expedition. He's returned with a stronger support crew and his trusty horse, Caster Troy, ready to take on the first and most dangerous 200 miles of terrain as they head towards mountain village Qumarleb over the next 2-3 weeks.

A cornerstone of Ash’s expedition is the one thing you wouldn’t expect

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While on Mission Yangtze Ash needs to plan every little detail and be prepared for all scenarios to help him achieve his goal. One unexpected detail comes in the form of personal hygiene and specifically shaving. Staying on top of facial growth is important for both psychological and health reasons and is a good example of how being disciplined in every area will help Ash during his expedition.

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