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Why time is of the essence for Ash

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Time is a crucial element of any expedition and it is critically important to use it as a tool to help achieve success.

Ash is now on the final countdown to his expedition and he needs to be super organised, disciplined and regimented, which requires a high level of time awareness to maintain the focus required.

One of the many side-effects of being out on your own for long stretches of time is that you lose your sense of every-day time tracking. When things are going well time seems to go by very fast but when you are struggling it seems to crawl to a standstill.

Ash wearing his BALL watch
Ash in action wearing his BALL watch

If you have been camping you will know that we slip into a day-structure led by the sun - when it rises and the tent starts heating up we get up. After it sets and when darkness comes we feel tired and ready ourselves for bed. But when you are on an expedition there are often things to be done at any given time so structuring what to do and when to do it becomes an important part of the day.

For example, Ash allows himself 30 minutes from when he wakes to prepare and eat breakfast, pack up and leave. This sort of structure helps him be efficient throughout the journey and stick to his tasks. He will also be reminded to take photos of his expedition at certain times of the day to keep us up to date with his progress.

Time structure can also be an important factor in his safety and well-being. In the Gobi desert when Ash was really up against it battling heat exhaustion he allowed himself five minutes rest under his trailer before forcing himself to push on for another 100-200 metres before his next five minute rest. Without showing that kind of discipline (and courage!) he could easily have taken too much rest and found that he couldn’t get going again. Or he could have taken less rest than his body needed and got himself into the kind of trouble that can put an expedition under threat.

Being aware of the time, down to minutes and seconds, allowed him to break things down into manageable amounts of distance and time which gave him the structure to push through and make it to the next town.

On this journey Ash will be wearing a BALL watch - the perfect accessory for adventurers. It is completely reliable in the harshest climates - from the freezing temperatures of the Jianggendiru Glacier on the Tibetan Plateau to the more tropical environment of its delta near Shanghai.

The watch is waterproof - it will certainly need to be with the amount of exposure it will get to the Yangtze river during Ash’s journey!  BALL also use innovative Swiss technology for night reading which doesn’t drain the battery or require solar recharging, while providing superior, longlife brightness that makes reading the watch in any environment quick and easy. This is achieved using unique latest technology self-powered micro gas tubes - not having to take batteries is one less thing for Ash to worry about on his mission so he is extremely happy to be in partnership with BALL, who pride themselves on being for the fearless pioneer - a perfect fit.


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