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Before heading to China for Mission Yangtze, his most challenging expedition to date, Ash took the opportunity to spend a day in North Wales with team members from his newest partnership - Zip World.

Zip World, creators of the world’s fastest zip line, Velocity 2, are a match made in heaven for Ash due to their shared ethos and values, total commitment to adventure and strong determination to promote Wales as an international adventure travel destination.

As a ground-breaking adventurer and proud Welshman, Ash is delighted to work with Zip World as their ambassador, mutually promoting local adventure. It was growing up in North Wales that helped give Ash his strong-burning spirit of adventure and Zip World love nothing more than to support that North Walian passion for adventure on the world stage.

Zip World are working to connect their different activities throughout North Wales - including zip lines, cavern exploring, suspended trampolining, sliding and tunnelling - with a ‘Welsh Adventure Highway’ between activities.

The day was a perfect chance to discuss how Ash and Zip World can support each other in achieving their mutual goals over the next two years of the partnership. The collaboration will see both parties raise awareness of adventure in Wales so it was a great chance to talk with co-founder Sean Taylor and his team about the uniqueness of this stunning part of the world and how they can get that message out to adventure-lovers like themselves.

The day involved many photo and video opportunities. BBC Wales were on hand to record features both about the upcoming Mission Yangtze expedition and also the newly forged Ash Dykes-Zip World partnership.

And of course, for Ash, it was also a great chance to experience the amazing Velocity 2! What was it like? According to Ash it was “Awesome. A great experience and a fantastic rush, but also quite tranquil.”

The Velocity 2 is the longest Zip Line in Europe but also, travelling at speeds of up to 125mph, the world’s fastest. Adventurous riders travel through the historic Penrhyn Quarry before flying over the stunning quarry lake twice on two different zippers.

With the long-term partnership agreed and strategies set to take Welsh adventuring to the world, Ash is ready for what lies ahead. “The Yangtze will be an enormous challenge and I know I will need all the support I can get. That’s why having the support of organisations like Zip World is invaluable. They have put North Wales on the map for adventure - a bit like myself, really,” says Ash.

Of the partnership, Sean said “Ash is a man after our own hearts here at Zip World, constantly pushing boundaries. He’s a great ambassador for the region and we will be following every step of the trek.”

Get ready to join Zip World in supporting Ash on Mission Yangtze.



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