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What happens when Ash breaks into his 'wild side'?

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With #MissionYangtze well and truly underway, Ash is relying heavily on his survival instincts to cope with the physical and mental day-to-day challenges he’s facing. Ash calls those natural survival instincts his ‘wild side’ - a mental state that allows him to become comfortable with the uncomfortable and stay calm when in danger.

Where’s Ash? You can now track him live!

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Ash’s world record-setting #MissionYangtze promises to be one of the most digitally engaging expeditions in history and today we’re helping deliver on that promise by launching a Live Tracker on Ash’s website so you can see where he is in real-time.

Breaking news: Ash has reached the source of the Yangtze

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Ash has now officially made it to the source of the Yangtze river on his second attempt and is beginning his world-first, 4,000 mile #MissionYangtze expedition. He's returned with a stronger support crew and his trusty horse, Caster Troy, ready to take on the first and most dangerous 200 miles of terrain as they head towards mountain village Qumarleb over the next 2-3 weeks.

#MissionYangtze Officially Begins

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#MissionYangtze is officially underway! Ash has started his world record-breaking adventure travelling 4,000 miles on foot along the length of the Yangtze river.

A cornerstone of Ash’s expedition is the one thing you wouldn’t expect

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While on Mission Yangtze Ash needs to plan every little detail and be prepared for all scenarios to help him achieve his goal. One unexpected detail comes in the form of personal hygiene and specifically shaving. Staying on top of facial growth is important for both psychological and health reasons and is a good example of how being disciplined in every area will help Ash during his expedition.

Ash Dykes: Final Prep

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I’m still in Dali, there has been a slight delay, nothing major, but it’s holding me back slightly.
I anticipate I can move on to the next city (Yushu), within the next week and then hopefully start the expedition towards the end of this month or beginning of next month.

First Look at Ash’s Kit for Mission Yangtze

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As Ash puts the finishing touches on his preparations for Mission Yangtze, he has selected essential gear from Kailas's latest collection to give him the best quality clothing and equipment for the adventure ahead. Ash has equipped himself with a range of durable, comfortable clothing and essential equipment from Kailas, the biggest brand of its type throughout China and a hugely popular outdoor brand throughout all of Asia, to ensure that he achieves success.

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