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Yangtze Mission - Crucials

As Ash sets out on his most challenging adventure to date,
he will be relying on his crucials pack for sanity & survival.

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sys_sponsorADThe Pagination

Ash's first choice for the official launch event of Mission Yangtze & the setting of Ash's 'crucials' series, The Pagination is a prestigious venue in Canary Wharf, London which offers fantastic atmosphere, elegance and the finest of refreshments. Ash recommends The Pagination to all members of his tribe whenever they're in London.



Water is one of the fundamental building blocks of life. Humans are over 60% made up of Water, and 3 days without water - you're history! Water-to-Go will provide Ash with leading scientific water filtration in a convenient (and stylish) bottle. This will allow Ash to drink from any water source quickly and easily, ensuring he can focus on all the other threats out there!



Navarino are on board with Mission Yangtze to ensure this becomes the most digitally engaging and interactive expeditions to date. The leading technology provided by Navarino will allow Ash to take you on expedition with him - you'll be able to see first hand Ash's experiences, encounters with wild animals and dangerous environments like never seen before.


sys_sponsorADMaui Jim

A long-time supporter of Ash; Maui Jim provides Ash with the scientifically enhanced sunglasses which will protect his eyes from dangerous UV rays and glare reflections from the Yangtze itself. As Ash mentions, it'll also help him look snazzy as he ventures between the wolves and the many snakes.


sys_sponsorADBall Watch

A side-effect to long stints of loneliness over harsh climates is the loss of every-day time tracking. On this 1 year long expedition, Ash won't need any batteries or worry about falling in the Yangtze and water-damaging his watch. Ball Watch have provided Ash with a sustainable leading-edge watch which will survive the harshest of encounters.



As part of the 4,000 mile, 8 million step expedition, fitness is going to be key for Ash to succeed and survive. The wide ranging compression wear provided by Skins will provide Ash with comfort, insulation and support during the missions challenges.



Cornerstone are big supporters of Ash's adventure. Providing Ash with leading self-grooming skincare and hardware. The caring items Cornerstone have provided Ash with will undoubtedly assist Ash over the harshest of isolations.
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